DIY LED Spectrum Circuit, Test with Music | Myssa

This is the single line with eights LEDs which glows in a response of sound level as a result it produce a spectral like while mixing different sound frequencies. The circuit is contain two lm324 ic with total of eight opamp, each opamp provide single led output in an order of highs and low value.

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Redesign a DIY RC car project for TWO hours in ONE minute

Hello there, please watch this video its just a summary of what I build the RC car which is DIY at it takes almost Two and Half Hours up to finish and everything is fine bu  you can view it in one minute, its was really a fun creativity moment, So please check it out... Have a good day. :)

Myssa Home Assistance video description

Hello there, I want to announce that I started a new project which is talking about the artificial intelligent by including both hardware and software as well to make things work as a complete functionality, this project called Myssa Home Assistance which can control every electrical apliances and can be accessed by the android application which is compatible to this project. This project also can provide access to the live stream camera surveillance video for the security purpose and includes security sensors for making the full function system and the user can able to access from anywhere in the world through internet connection.

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EPIC Myssa's Electronics projects collection A-Z

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Arduino LCD display project 'LOVING QUOTES'

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DIY QUADCOPTER GUIDE: THE THRILL OF BUILDING YOUR FIRST HOMEMADE                                                                                 DRONE MODEL

The thrill of flying a quadcopter is certainly exciting. However, it will be even more fun to fly a quadcopter that you’ve made on your own. By making your own DIY quadcopter, you will not only have something to fly in the air but also a model that is truly unique (since the model is totally your own).

The best part is that you can customize your quadcopter in any way you want. You can do your own paint job, add a mount in the middle to fit a small camera (like a fancy GoPro), or improve the power by adding professional motors. You are not depending on a kit and even better you are not forced to be happy with what you get in the box. The sky is the limit in this case (pun intended).

Simply put, making your own DIY quadcopter can be one of the most fun experiences you’ll have. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can build your…